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Sprejem ob Dnevu državnosti Republike Slovenije

Veleposlaništvo Republike Slovenije v Kairu je 25. junija obeležilo Dan državnosti Republike Slovenije s sprejemom hotelu Sofitel El Gezirah v Kairu, udeležilo se ga je okoli 200 predstavnikov političnega, gospodarskega in kulturnega življenja države sprejemnice, članov diplomatskega zbora ter v Egiptu živeča slovenska skupnost. Sprejema se je udeležil tudi egiptovski minister za zdravje dr. Adel El Adawi.

Zbrane goste je na sprejemu nagovoril veleposlanik dr. Kokalj, ki je poudaril dobre odnose med državama ter izrazil podporo egiptovski demokratični tranziciji. Med sprejemom so bili predvajani promocijski posnetki slovenskih naravnih lepot in izbrana slovenska glasba.

Spodaj je priložen veleposlanikov nagovor:

Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen, Dearest friends, drage Slovenke, dragi Slovenci,

seldom enough, special situations emerge in our lives, providing for circumstances in which it appears that the journey becomes an exclusive goal. Soon after my arrival to the Victorious City four years ago, circumstances in Egypt changed and I have been, together with many of you present tonight, taken on a journey to the unknown.

It has felt as being a passenger, an observer on a journey to the fast-evolving future through the emerging scenery of the Arab Spring. Despite this being an eventful journey, I have also strived, together with members of my team, to positively contribute for the better of our friends. In those turbulent years we have particularly focused on capacity building in the health and education sector, as well as on humanitarian endeavours.

For Slovenia, Egypt is a Middle East hub, our regional “home ground”, which underlines the special relations and strong traditions between our two countries. In my role, I have been enabled to look at the Middle East from the Egyptian perspective, but the opposite also stands true. I have been privileged also to see Egypt from the perspective of it’s neighbours in the region, which added to my understanding of the unfolding events.

So what are my wishes for the new Egypt? I hope that the new Egyptian society, built by hardworking and thoughtful hands, would successfully incorporate inclusivity, respect for human rights and strengthened coexistence among citizens that would bring the country to the shores of security, stability and prosperity.

In our lives, we must all take our own paths and experience our own frontiers. As I am coming to a closure of my Egyptian chapter, I would like to extend my gratitude for the warmth and hospitality that I have been enjoying here with you during my resident years in Cairo. I am sure that many tremendous friendships that emerged on this very special journey will stand the test of time and I am looking forward to our future encounters.

Thank you all for being with me on this most amazing journey of my life … and enjoy tonight’s party.