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Help to Slovenian Citizens and registration of travel


Within Countries where there is no representation of Slovenia you might ask for help any  EU Member State Embassy or Consulate.

Dipomatic and Consular representations of the Republic of Slovenia can not lend money for return or other needs.  Relatives and friends can send funds to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Embassy will be notified and will serve the funds that where received.   

In case of lost/stolen passport, hospitalization, arrest and deportation we recommend you to immediately contact the Embassy. Foreign institutions will let you contact the nearest representation if you request so, according to the Vienna Convention.


In order to offer Slovenian travelers efficient and responsive consular assistance, we recommend everyone to announce their travel itinerary to the Embassy. The form is available by clicking on the following link.

The report of your travel is not obligatory, and is based on individual’s voluntary decision. All the information, reported for this purposes, will be only and exclusively used for the purposes stated in the 29.a Article of the Act on Foreign Affairs, and will be destroyed after the reported end date of the travel.