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Registration of Marriage

The explained procedures are of informative nature only and intend to facilitate the process with authorities.  Information on requirements for marriage in a foreign country should be obtained at the Embassy of that country or with the authorities in that country.

Step one: Register the marriage at the Egyptian Ministry of Justice: 

Egyptian Ministry of Justice Annex (Office of Marriage of Foreigners), 4th floor, Lazoughly Square, Abdin, Cairo.

Open Saturday through Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Forms to be completed at the marriage court can only be obtained on the wedding day or the day before. The following are required:

•          Proof of identity (a passport) for both parties, a photocopy of the passport data page, the Egyptian entry visa and the residency stamp if you obtained one.

•          Egyptian I.D. (Egyptian passport or the National ID) and a photocopy of it if one of the parties is Egyptian

•          Five personal photos for each party.

A 50.00LE “Ta’meen Igtimaei” stamp (purchased at any Egyptian post office)

•          Two male witnesses with identification documents (passport or I.D. card) must be present to sign the marriage documents. It is preferable to bring your own witnesses, such as friends or travel agents.

•          Original proof of termination of previous marriage if you were married before. No authentication or translation is required.

A routine physical exam performed by an Egyptian doctor is sometimes required if the person appears unhealthy.

It will take at least ten business days for a marriage certificate to be issued by the Ministry of Justice. The marriage certificate must be picked up by one of the parties.

Fees to complete the marriage at the Ministry of Justice:

If both parties are Muslim, the fee is two percent of the dowry (a minimum of 40LE).

If both parties are Christians, a dowry is not required, the fee is 35.00LE.

Step two: Translation of documents

Ministry of Justice's Translation Office, Ministry of Justice Building, 13th floor,

Lazoughly Square, Abdin, Cairo.

You can get the document translated into English by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice Translation Office (the fee is 40.00LE). It takes 4-7 days to receive the translation. The translation into English language is NOT obligatory for any of the following procedures conducted by Slovenian authorities.

Step three: Authentication process

The Marriage certificate must be authenticated by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the fee is 11.00 LE per notarization) and then authenticated by the Slovenian Embassy in Cairo (the fee is 14.00 EUR per notarization).

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia

Soliman Abaza Street 21,

Mohandessin, Cairo

 Step four: Registration in Slovenia

All documents should be presented to the Administrative Unit in Slovenia. At this point the documents need to be translated into Slovenian language by the court interpreter who is appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia. A declaration on your name after the marriage should also be made. If you will change your name you will have to request new documents (passport, ID…) with the new name.