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National long-stay visas D and residence permits remain in the competence of Slovenian national law. Applications must be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia.

Long-stay visa (type D) is issued for a period from 90 days up to maximum one year. A long-stay visa can be issued to a third-country national who intends to enter and reside in the Republic of Slovenia for the purpose of reunification with his/her family. It can also be issued for other purposes (sportsmen, journalists, diplomats and other specific purposes, stipulated by law) if the intent or the substance of stay in the Republic of Slovenia is longer or different to the options which are available by short-stay Schengen visa. Holders of valid long-stay visa D can apply for a residence permit after entering the Republic of Slovenia.

A third-country national who is a national of a country with which Slovenia has established a non-visa regime, or when he/she is in possession of a valid passport and a residence permit issued by another Schengen State, does not need a long-stay visa to enter Slovenia.

Documents required for a visa D:
 - filled-in application for a national visa type D, available HERE 
 - valid passport and passport photocopy (biometric data page and all non empty pages)
 - photo size 45 mm x 35 mm (intact, clear and good quality)
 - travel medical insurance (which covers medical costs and repatriation to a sum of at least 30.000 Euro for the entire period of visa validity)
 - payment of consular fee of 77 EUR (GRATIS when the applicant is a close family member of a Slovenian or other EU citizen)
 - a certified and officially translated certificate of non-criminal record, which cannot be older than 3 months
 - proof of sufficient means of subsistence (amounting to - at least - the basic minimum income which is currently set at 402,18 EUR monthly)

 - additional specific documents proving the purpose of long-term stay; i.e. for a visa D on the grounds of family reunification with the spouse, a proof of marriage (extract from the Slovenian marriage registry).

In the procedure for visa D on the grounds of family reunification with the spouse, simultaneous interviews can be carried out with the applicant (at the Embassy) and the spouse / partner in Slovenia (at the Administrative Unit). It is done in order to determine the circumstances of the marriage (exclude the possibility of a fictitious marriage) and to assure all conditions for the issuing of the visa are fulfilled.

The Foreigners Act stipulates that foreigners who wish to stay in the Republic of Slovenia for a longer period of time than possible on the basis of a visa, or who wish to enter and stay in the Republic of Slovenia for reasons other than those possible on the basis of a visa, must obtain a residence permit. A residence permit is a permit to enter and reside in the Republic of Slovenia for a definite period of time and for a specific purpose, or to reside in the country for an indefinite period of time. The conditions for issuing a residence permit are listed in the Foreigners Act. The first residence permit to reside in the Republic of Slovenia is issued as a temporary residence permit and the foreigner must generally obtain it prior to entering the Republic of Slovenia.
The application for a temporary residence permit is submitted to the diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic of Slovenia abroad (or to the competent authority in the Republic of Slovenia if the law provides for this option). The application for a permanent residence permit is submitted to the Administrative Unit in the area of residence of the foreigner.
The application for a residence permit must be accompanied by evidence of fulfilment of the following conditions: a valid passport whose expiry date exceeds by at least three months the intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia, appropriate health insurance, and sufficient means of subsistence during the stay in the country (or the subsistence must be otherwise guaranteed).
In order to be granted a temporary residence permit, foreigners must also have a legitimate purpose for residing in the Republic of Slovenia. Such legally stipulated purposes are:
•          employment or work;
•          studies, education, specialization or professional training and acquisition of practical skills, participation in international volunteer exchange programs and other programs which do not fall under the system of formal education;
•          family reunion;
•          long-term resident status in another EU member state;
•          Slovenian origin (direct descendants up to the third generation),
•          other legitimate reasons defined by law, international acts or international principles and customs.

Additional information can be found here and here.

The residence permit procedure takes approximately 60 days. The consular fee for submitting the application at the Embassy is 102 EUR. At the end of the procedure, additional consular fees in the amount of 13 EUR (for serving the decision) plus 12 EUR (in case of issuing the residence permit card) must be paid. 
For further information regarding residence permit procedures, kindly contact the Embassy.